Pflugerville Rotary - 25 years of service!

The Rotary Club of Pflugerville is an active and innovative service organization.
Members plan and participate in several local events that benefit the Pflugerville community and beyond.
Our club is proudly the center of service for Pflugerville!
Expanding on Rotary’s many roles, we are a family.
Giving back is something every member of our club has a passion for.
We come together not just for our wonderful camaraderie, but because we all deeply care about our community.
Pflugerville Rotarians aim to make a difference.
One example of how we positively impact our community is by selecting scholarship recipients every year that have a servant heart.
Having this dedication is a key criteria for us: building the next generation of people with a passion to help others.
We all exemplify Rotary’s motto: “Service Above Self”, and live our lives by the guiding principles of Rotary’s
Four-Way Test.
As we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of our club we will be sharing more about Rotary and examples of the impactful ways the Rotary Club of Pflugerville opens opportunities.
Follow along the journey as we post updates on our Facebook page ( and our website (
We hope you will all engage by liking the posts, commenting with your experiences or memories, and sharing on your own pages!
Here are a few words from some of our Founding Members and Longtime member as well.
Bill Fischer, Founding Member Rotary Club of Pflugerville 1996 -
As I share core values Rotary, starting a chapter in Pflugerville was the perfect way to give back to the community.
Junie Henderson, Founding Member Rotary Club of Pflugerville 1996 - 
Many years ago, I learned about Rotary through my very good friend Vera Crawford. She was always very enthusiastic about Rotary. She encouraged me to join and help get Pflugerville on the Rotary map. I saw it as a chance to engage business leaders in fundraising campaigns and scholarships.
Jim Wilkinson, Longstanding Member Rotary Club of Pflugerville 1996 -
I sought out the local Rotary Club because I had been a Rotarian in Arizona for 10 years and wanted to continue the Rotary activities. Somewhere along the way I went from Rotary member to Rotarian. The light came on and I started devoting more time, energy, and focus to the needs of Rotary.
In Pflugerville, I love doing the fundraisers. I am probably most identified with the casino party but I also contribute to the golf tournament and of course, sausage procurement for Deutschen Pfest. What I like most about the activities we do is that we always go the extra distance to make our events first-class. It is obvious when I participate in other service club events that we do it right! By adding a little extra here, an antique car there, decorations all around, we really stand tall against the others. I am so proud of this club.