Rotary Club of Cozumel Needs Our Help!
Today's Pflugerville Rotary meeting was International! We welcomed the Club Rotario Cozumel to join us via our Zoom meeting to share with us how Covid has affected their state.
Their Rotary Club has helped to raise food, funds, and community to help during this challenging time.
Did you know? $1,400 can feed 800 families in on the island of Cozumel per week? Families and the Rotary club are creating food pantries and some have started food kitchens to cook for their families. The Rotary Club President and members have also helped the local Humane Society to make sure that the pets are taken care of during this time as well.
Today was a reminder how truly international Rotary is and how full our giving hearts are. For a country that has truly been on lock down and who's essential services differ from what we see in the US and who's government didn't issue stimulus checks, their community truly depends on the services of a club like this. The island is only open 30% currently and depends on tourism for their economy. Without the help of organizations like Rotary of Cozumel, families simply don't eat. 16 people are helping feed hundreds!
If you want to help the community kitchens of Cozumel, donate via (please specify that it is for the Cozumel Rotary and for the food pantry) and to learn more, visit their FB page linked in this post.